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Roundtable Corner

Our  in-person Roundtable sessions will be dedicated to focusing on Unit Needs. If your unit is experiencing leadership issues, questions about recruiting kids, confused about Scoutbook, or any other matter, please join in person and we would be happy to support one another.

Roundtable is on the first Thursday of every month.

7:30 PM - Joint Session

8:10 - 8:30 PM - Program Breakout Sessions

8:40 - 9:00 PM - Closing

Come join us as we discuss topics around the district and enjoy fellowship with other volunteer leaders!

Where: English Congregational Church (301 Rhodes Ave., Big Rock, IL 60511)

Topics for the following Months:


Safety Moment- Hypothermia

Cub Scouts - Advancement

Scouts, BSA/Venturing - Citizenship


Safety Moment- Emergency Preparedness / Responses

Cub Scouts - Leader Resources

Scouts, BSA/Venturing - Emergency Preparedness Activities


Safety Moment- Age Appropriate Activities

Cub Scouts - Recruitment Events

Scouts, BSA/Venturing - Recruitment Methods

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